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The Best MetaTrader Alternative

July 23, 2013  |  Trade Management, Trading Platforms  |  Comments Off on The Best MetaTrader Alternative

The majority of Forex traders are using MetaTrader 4, but why? It’s an ancient platform that almost hasn’t changed an inch since it was released by MetaQuotes 8 years ago. How a company developing the most widely used forex trading platform in the world can pick their nose for 8 years is truly baffling.

If you are using FX Synergy you know exactly how many shortcomings MT4 has. Are you still using MT4 because you have a number of indicators or EA’s that can’t get with another platform?
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Risk Management Software for Forex Traders

July 7, 2013  |  Profitable Trading, Risk Management  |  Comments Off on Risk Management Software for Forex Traders

The awesome guys at Pecunia Systems just released a free risk management tool for Forex traders and it’s really neat. It’s a powerful risk calculator with a twist, as it shows you exactly how much you are risking and making on your trades, and it’s especially good if you are scaling out. Click on the image to download.
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